John C. Campbell Folk School

Tin Can Art Class

April 15-21, 2007

Instructors: Charley Orlando & Bobby Hansson

From Left: Jessica, Stacy, Charley, Phil, BJ, Jeanne, Bobby, Barbara, Mary-Louise, Bonnie

Tin Can Art is an old craft starting with the arrival of tin cans for storing food in the early nineteenth century, and has been practiced world wide ever since.

Sometimes the cans are used as is, and sometimes they are deconstructed to use the tin as material for making use products and folk art.  The John C. Campbell Folk School has two classes of tin can art techniques every year, with Charley Orlando and Bobby Hansson.  Bobby has written the book on Tin Can Art and it can be found in most book and craft stores.  Its title is The Fine Art of the Tin Can and is published by Lark Press.  The second edition was published in 2006.

Class Pictures and Student Work

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Student Comments:

    Fantastic class - Learned all techniques class requested.

    Great class - The very best instructors ever

    We had a fun and productive week with lots of laughter.  Charley and Bobby are fun, knowledgeable, patient, creative

    Fabulous everything

    Very exciting.  Instructors were very willing to accommodate individualized learning styles.

    Really appreciated how I, with zero experience in the techniques and subject matter, was treated by the instructors and was accepted by the other members of the class.  Also great use or humor, compassion and concern

    Great class. Lots of fun.


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