John C. Campbell Folk School

Aran-Gansey Knitting Class

February 3-9, 2008

Front (L to R) Elizabeth, Susan, Cathy

Middle Row (L to R) Susan (Assistant Instructor), Nancy, Jeanne, Kathy, Martha, Deloris

Back Row (L to R)  Barbara, Charley ,(Instructor), Kathy, Elaine, Deborah, Sally, Mary

This was a large class but they did a spectacular job of learning and applying the basic techniques of aran and gansey style sweaters and other garments.  They were able to make small replicas of combined aran and gansey sweaters to learn how to apply their new-found knowledge.



I was a novice knitter so I was learning all new things.  The first two days I was frustrated, but Charley kept encouraging me and true to his word, I finally got it. 

I loved being able to design a sweater.  I have knitted arans before and enjoyed helping some less experienced knitters.

I very fun class.  Members from varied backgrounds.  The instructor presented the material in a way that was easy to understand.


The class was wonderful.  The instructor was very encouraging, helping when necessary, and forcing me to think other times.


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