Aran and Gansey Class

John C. Campbell Folk School

May 6-12, 2007


Sitting l to r, Gloria, Sonje, Jill

Standing l to r, Tricia, Gail, Martine, Charley (Teacher) , Mary, Kate, Beverly, Susan (Teacher Assistant), Diane

This class was able to learn about the traditional designs and patterns of  aran sweaters and ganseys from Ireland and the British Isles.  They also learned strategies of reading patterns so that they were able to knit them without referring to the pattern book, and they had fun doing it.  By the end of the class they were able to design pattern combinations in the traditional aran and gansey style; all in five days time.  Many were able to knit a sample aran sweater or vest, or a sample gansey to try out the skills they had learned.   They still need to experience and work with additional patterns, but they will take with them the tools and strategies that will assist them in their creative endeavors.  Most importantly, they learned that they have the freedom to do anything they want while designing and knitting their work.

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Slide Show of work and scenes from class.

Student Comments:

    Excellent class - far and above expectations.

    Wonderful class - It exceeded my expectations

    Great Class - I had high expectations and they were met and exceeded.

    Charley did a great job of catering to all the different skill levels in the class and showed great patience.  He emphasized empowering the students to take charge of their own knitting!

    Wonderful class.  I learned a lot of helpful things. 

    No book I've seen describes reading yarn as was done in this class. That skill I will value most.  The aran and gansey instructions were excellent.

    Well organized in presentation; good handout recapping main points covered in class; lots of fun.  I learned a great deal, owen though I had years of knitting experience,  Just when I thought I knew everything.



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