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Charles Orlando, proprietor of Orlando Forge, is a modern day craftsman who uses the time-honored tools, techniques, and traditions of the blacksmith to produce fine decorative and functional ironwork. He has worked as a blacksmith for over twenty years, and has studied with many of the greatest blacksmiths and teachers in the field, including Francis Whitaker, Tom Joyce and Nol Putnam. He has also taught and demonstrated blacksmithing techniques to blacksmiths and farriers at conferences around the United States and Canada for more than fifteen years. He teaches regularly at the John C. Campbell Folk School in North Carolina , and has also taught at the  New England School of Metalwork,  and Touchstone Center for Crafts.

His work is in many private homes across the country. Additionally, his work has been exhibited in many shows and galleries in the East, and has won recognition for design and craftsmanship in a number of art exhibits.

Charles is also an accomplished knitter, practicing the craft for over 45 years.  He specializes in Aran Isle (Fisherman Knit) sweaters, traditional ganseys, and knitted accessories, and has been teaching this craft for the last twenty-one years at the John C. Campbell Folk School and elsewhere .  Click here to go to his knitting gallery. 

He also has worked with recycling tin can and other painted tin objects to produce different items, such as clocks, toys and musical instruments.  You will find some of his work displayed in the Tin Can Art Gallery.  Some of these pieces were exhibited in the Noyes Gallery in Atlantic City , NJ from January to April in 2002.  The theme of the gallery exhibit was "Recycled Objects Used for Recreational Purposes".   A number of his pieces are included in the revised edition of Bobby Hansson's  Fine Art of the Tin Can,  published in the Spring of 2005.

Visitors are welcome at Orlando Forge, but safety glasses are required while in the studio. Call (585-268-7383)  in advance to make arrangements for your visit. 


Charles Orlando


Artist-Blacksmiths Association of North America 

Conference coordinator for two conferences

Demonstrator at two conferences

Former board member

New York State Designer Blacksmiths 

Past President, Vice-president and Newsletter editor

Member: of the Allegany Artisans, Wellsville Art Association and the Allegany Art Association

Allegany Artisans Member Websites are linked at:   Alleganyartisans,com

For additional information, or to discuss a project

Email to: Charley Orlando

Teaching Schedule 2011

  •    March 20-26, 2011 Scandinavian Blacksmithing with Doug Merkel  at John C. Campbell Folk School        Completed
  •    See pictures of class at the following link.  Scandinavian Blacksmithing


            July 7-9, 2011   Tin Can Art at Jacksonville Center For Crafts, Floyd, VA


             July 10-16, 2011     Tin Can Art at John C. Campbell Folk School

             September 4-10, 2011  Traditional Gansey and Aran Knitting  Scottish Heritage Week

             October 23-28, 2011 Blacksmithng Fundamentals at John C. Campbell Folk School


             October 30-November 5,2011  Tin Can Art, Shrines and Reliquaries at John C. Campbell Folk School

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