Forge Welding Class at John C. Campbell Folk School

May 11-17, 2003

Instructor: Charley Orlando

Assistant Instructor: Lyle Wheeler

Course Description: Do you want to learn how to forge-weld steel with consistently successful results?  Learn the necessary preparation and steps as we explore faggot welds, chain welding, making rings, corner, and drop-the-tong welds like welded tong reins, running scrolls, tripods, baskets and other fireplace tool handles.  If interested, learn about forge welding and brazing in the propane forge.  Time permitting, design and work on a project involving forge-welding of individual elements.  Here is your chance to really get proficient at this magical process.

Prerequisites:  Some forging experience, a tolerance for practice, and a desire to learn the process through hands-on experience.

Course Syllabus: We will review the important steps in welding and practice different welds until the students have mastered them.  Techniques of working around the anvil and forging will be reviewed to enhance efficiency and skill.

Below are some of the welds we may be reviewing and that you will learn.  It is recommended that you come to the class with a project in mind, preferably one that had at least four or five welds as part of the design.  By the time you reach the project stage, you will be consistent with your welding skills.

Examples of some of the various kinds of welds we may cover in class

Tongs/welded reins



Corner Weld

Tripod Weld

Tee Weld

Welded Feet

Faggot Buildup

Round Ring Weld

Slit Weld

Ring and Handle

Tool Steel to Mild Steel

Quatrefoil Weld

Running Scroll

Basket Weave Handle

Eye Bolt Weld

Welded Eye Hinge

    Forge-welded vine and fork

Forge Weld Project Example

Four welds

Variation on Forge Weld Project

five welds

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