Aran-Gansey Class

John C. Campbell Folk School

March 28-April 3, 2010

Charles Orlando, Instructor

Jessica Kaufman, Assistant Instructor

                     Front l to r: Pam, Jessica (Assistant) Rosy, Mary-Louise,  Back l to r: Candise, Debbi, Christine, Diane, Nancy,

                      Charley, (Instructor) Jennifer, Gretchen.

                    Instead of making a gallery, Charley and Jessica decided to have a daily blog of the class activities on the Folk School website


This was an extraordinary class in terms of learning aran and gansey patterns as well as learning how to produce the patterns without using a pattern book.  Next year, 2011, the class will be held during Scottish Heritage Week and will feature gansey patterns from Scottish ports, but will not ignore the aran patterns.  The class will begin on the day before Labor Day in September.


Aran Dog Cape by Rosy

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