Tin Can Art Class

John C. Campbell Folk School

July 12-18, 2009


Front From left: Leslie, Jeanne, Elizabeth, Becky

Back from left: Tim, Benita, Misty, Charley (Instructor), Randall

Assistant Trish missed the photo op because she was getting Charley his afternoon tea. Trish is shown in the inset at right.


The goals of this class are to help the students learn that you can make anything you wish from old tin cans and other discarded objects.  The question is not whether you can make something, but HOW.  The techniques for constructing art from tin cans allows the creativity to flow.  A student in a previous class stated that it was the most liberating class she had ever taken.


Comments:  We had a splendid teacher, informative and hands-off.  The class was a lot of fun.  Each students style of learning was respected and supported.  Great useful stuff.  The class attracts a variety of people, all af whom left with a sense of accomplishment.

                Trish and Charley were wonderful! Thank you.

               What a treat this class was. Whimsical and goofy and lots of fun!


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Students at work and the results


Jeanne and Benita






Trish helping Jeanne


Lots of interested visitors

Punching holes for the lampshade

Misty's Rain Chain

Leslie's work

More of Leslie's including a self-portrait

Benita's work

Benita's Dog and Cat

Elizabeth's matchbox houses

Side Detail

Becky's work

More of Becky's work

Tim's work

Jeanne's Dolls

Randall's lamp and clock

Tin Can Art Student Exhibit

Student Exhibit

Student Exhibit

Student Exhibit

Student Exhibit

Student Exhibit

Demonstration: Deconstructing a Can

Switchplate blank

Chiseling out the switch holes

Fiddling our tune and recruiting new students

I'm Saving Waste, by Bobby Hansson

Sung to the tune of Amazing Grace

Singing: I'm Saving Waste


I'm Saving Waste (Tune: Amazing Grace)

By Bobby Hansson

I'm saving waste that I have found, It's useful as can be

What some call trash, is valuable, If you can learn to see


Once garbage filled my heart with fear, But now my sight is keen

How precious does that waste appear, Thanks to recycling


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